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    “Helios” is a Sun Observation camp which is annually held event conducted by
  • 2nd Slide one year free course in Astronomy which basically targets the National Astronomy and Astrophysics Olympiad competition
  • 3rd Slide 2014 Champions - Nalanda College Astronomy Quiz Team
  • 4th Slide 276 th Night Sky Observation Camp conduct by NCAstronomy
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“Helios” is a Sun Observation camp which is annually held event conducted by Nalanda College Astronomical Society (NCAS) and Ananda Balika Vidyalaya Astronomical Society (ABVAS).Both of these clubs are school based so most of the participants are resent school attendees. This is the One and Only Sun Observation Camp in South Asia. This time Helios 2014...

On 13th of February
From 9.30 am to 5.00 pm
@ Nalanda College Auditorium
What we've done

Nalanda College Astronomical Society began in year 1995 with limited number of students but it developed very quickly limited inside Nalanda College. It became an active society in Nalanda by increasing the knowledge about astronomy and modern day space administrations.
In this task "Night Sky Observation Camping" was a special feature. Nalanda College Astronomical Society did a great service by improving the curiosity and knowledge about astronomy of the school children in that period. In that period internet and information technology was in a low state of development. So we went through books and newspapers and other knowledge sources to get armed with Astronomical knowledge then we started to give our knowledge to other schools.
With beginning of the new millennium after 2000 our society stood as a strong and permanent society. In the beginning we were limited to our school, but then we stood as a active Astronomical Society out of school as well as inside the school. To deliver the knowledge to students about Telescope which is most essential equipment for astronomical studies, the telescopes we received as donations was the best help we got.

  • "Star Party|2014" Won the 2014 Champion Trophy, Sub Trophies for Planetary Observation and Observational Astronomy(Theory).
  • "Helios Colombo|2014" On 13th of February from 9.30am - 5.00pm at Nalanda College Auditorium.
  • Astronomy School NCA school of Astronomy was started last month.
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photo credit : Aushala Dumidu

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