Nalanda College Astronomical Society is the leading School Astronomical Society in the Island through its history of 20 years. From 1995, it has done an immense service to the school students and to the public too. Astronomy is not an unfamiliar subject to the students all over the world but it’s little bit unfamiliar for Sri Lankan students. As this is the situation prevailing, the Nalanda College Astronomical Society is taking the responsibility of educating the school children all over the island about Astronomy.

As school students we are organizing Sun Observation Day Camps, Night Sky Observation Camps, Astronomy and Space Science Workshops, etc to upgrade the knowledge about Astronomy of Sri Lankan students. This can be proved by the fact that we have conducted our 300 Consecutive Visiting Astronomy Night Camps. Because of the high discipline shown by the members of our society in the lectures and night camps organized by our society and Astronomical Societies of other schools, we are receiving invitations continuously.




Proud History of Nalanda College Astronomical Society

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